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Recorded Sermons

25th July 2021: What's the Story? Using the Bible to Locate your Life
30th May 2021: Planks and Specks
14th Feb 2021: Blackberries and Gratitude
24th Jan 2021: A Cynic's Guide to Contentment 
30th Oct 2020: The Immigrant Experience - Abram shows us how to live peaceably with neighbours
18th Oct 2020: CAESAR: When do we obey the government?
11th Oct 2020: Faith is Trust and Allegiance
20th Sept 2020:Equinox
Pandemic Essentials
     1: Masks - a meditation on wearing masks - 9th Aug 2020
      2: Patience and Waiting -16th Aug 2020
      3: Do not be Afraid - 23rd Aug 2020
      4: Isolation - 6th Sept 2020

     5: Overcoming Apathy & Acedia -13th Sept 2020:


30th Aug 2020  Tribes


Praying in the Spirit: 3 Videos

     1. The Shop Metaphor

     2. Invitation to Intimacy

     3. Tongues, the Mind and Adapting to Change

Podcast: A Life of Praying with Marg Kilmartin

Nature Ramble: Trees as metaphors

Sermon 12th July: Living as Sent People

Sermon 21st June: Sent to do the Work

Sermon 14th June: Sent to Speak the Truth

Sermon 31st May: Come Alive!

Sermon 17th May: Get Your Free Drink Now!

Sermon 10th May: A Call to Dual Citizenship

Sermon 3rd MayEzekiel's River

Sermon 26th April: Trees of Rock and River

Sermon April 19th:    Deep river within

Sermon April 12th: Easter Day - Inevitable Easter                                                       


Sermon 5th April: Hosanna! They cried

Sermon 29th March:  Hope in Waiting - Psalm 130

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