Online Church

25th July What's the Story? Using the Bible to Locate your Life

To connect to our online church gathering at 4.30pm, text Geoff on 0417 396 377 for the link.


Recorded Sermons
30th May 2021: Planks and Specks
14th Feb 2021: Blackberries and Gratitude
24th Jan 2021: A Cynic's Guide to Contentment 
30th Oct 2020: The Immigrant Experience - Abram shows us how to live peaceably with neighbours
18th Oct 2020: CAESAR: When do we obey the government?
11th Oct 2020: Faith is Trust and Allegiance
20th Sept 2020:Equinox
Pandemic Essentials
     1: Masks - a meditation on wearing masks - 9th Aug 2020
      2: Patience and Waiting -16th Aug 2020
      3: Do not be Afraid - 23rd Aug 2020
      4: Isolation - 6th Sept 2020

     5: Overcoming Apathy & Acedia -13th Sept 2020:


30th Aug 2020  Tribes


Praying in the Spirit: 3 Videos

     1. The Shop Metaphor

     2. Invitation to Intimacy

     3. Tongues, the Mind and Adapting to Change

Podcast: A Life of Praying with Marg Kilmartin

Nature Ramble: Trees as metaphors

Sermon 12th July: Living as Sent People

Sermon 21st June: Sent to do the Work

Sermon 14th June: Sent to Speak the Truth

Sermon 31st May: Come Alive!

Sermon 17th May: Get Your Free Drink Now!

Sermon 10th May: A Call to Dual Citizenship

Sermon 3rd MayEzekiel's River

Sermon 26th April: Trees of Rock and River

Sermon April 19th:    Deep river within

Sermon April 12th: Easter Day - Inevitable Easter                                                       


Sermon 5th April: Hosanna! They cried

Sermon 29th March:  Hope in Waiting - Psalm 130